The Wincky-Niners gold rush: Day 2


After a wonderful breakfast (waffle number one of the day for Ryder), we pulled out into the pouring rain, which continued for the next six hours. In the meantime, we left Alabama, visited our first gas station in the truck, and passed through Mississippi. We crossed the great Mississippi (in the rain) and I stepped foot in Louisiana for the first time!


It stopped raining halfway through Louisiana, and Ryder wanted a break from driving, so I got to experience the thrill of driving a 16′ truck while towing a car. It’s not so bad if you’re going straight on a smooth road, but turning corners or driving over potholes is a little nerve-wracking.

Activities for the day included reading Dave Berry, Demetri Martin, nibbling on Nannie’s nuts and bolts, and watering our car plant.

car plant

Waffle number two for Ryder was dinner at the Waffle House. Waffle House’s waffle won out over this morning’s, in case you were wondering. We recently learned that California has no Waffle Houses, so Ryder is trying to get his fill on this trip. I made a rule of no more than one Waffle House visit per day.

We realized late in the day that we had forgotten to keep track of which state license plates we’d seen on the trip. This is a family tradition from every road trip to North Carolina that my family took growing up. Here’s our map after 4 hours of looking (in the dark):

license map day2

Day 2 Stats:
Miles driven: 623
States visited: 4
Sight of the day: four egrets wading in the waters of Louisiana
Snack of the day: Ryder’s three year old jawbreaker. He claims it was still good.

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