The Wincky-Niners gold rush: Day 3


Surprisingly, Ryder passed on the waffle this morning. I made up for it, though, and treated myself to a Texas-shaped waffle. The waffle shape was appropriate, since all we did today was drive through Texas. I’ve determined that Texas consists primarily of a few sections. First, the ranches:


Then, the wind farms (bonus points if you can spot the choo-choo train):


Next, the oil rigs:


And finally, nothing but land and scrub until we found the mountains in the far western corner of Texas:

[no picture, you know what nothing looks like]

Besides the enthralling scenery, another highlight of the day was seeing Midland, TX. As a child, I was shocked when I discovered there was another city with the same name as the one I lived in.


In other exciting news, although we are still in Texas, we did finally leave the Central Time Zone! And, we almost made it to Mexico – but at the last minute, the highway turned. We’re now settled into our hotel room in El Paso, waiting for the pizza to arrive, and contemplating a trip to the outdoor hot tub despite the 37° temperature.

In case you were curious, here’s an update on our license-plate-finding challenge (the Northeastern states aren’t looking too promising):


Day 3 Stats:
Miles driven: 587
States visited: 1. Texas is big.
Sight of the day: thousands and thousands of windmills
Snack of the day: Chocolate peanut butter truffle bar. Mmmm.

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