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Costuming Charlie Brown: The Finished Products!

Well, the costumes are finished, the sets are built, the lines are memorized… it’s show time! Opening night was yesterday, and the show was great. Happily, the costumes held up, and I’m really happy with how they turned out: Charlie … Continue reading

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Costuming Charlie Brown: Snoopy’s costume

My first attempt at Snoopy’s costume was to buy a pair of white coveralls – like what a clean-up worker would wear. I thought I would just add a spot, tail, and collar, and be done. Well… the coverall turned … Continue reading

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Costuming Charlie Brown: Striping Shirts

For Schroeder and Linus’ Peanuts shirts, I started with plain t-shirts in blue and red. Since I was a bit picky about the width of the stripes for each character’s costume, I figured it would be easier to add the … Continue reading

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Costuming Charlie Brown: Puffy Sleeves

My goal with the sleeves was to make them as puffy as possible. I started with the actual sleeve pattern from the tunic, and made it almost twice as wide and a bit taller (basically figure 2 below). everything you … Continue reading

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Costuming Charlie Brown: Collars & Skirts

Sally and Lucy have very distinctive Peanuts dresses – triangular bodice and full skirt, puffy sleeves, and unique collars. Starting from this tunic pattern, I needed to design some extras for the costume myself – collar, skirt, and sleeves. For Sally’s … Continue reading

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