The Wincky-Niners gold rush: Day 1

map - day 1

Thanks to several fabulous friends, we had our 16′ truck loaded up in a record-setting 3 hours. After our last meal in Atlanta, we finished cleaning out the apartment, packing all the odds and ends into our car, and making sure we didn’t leave our three boxes of snacks behind. We were trying to get back to the truck rental place to have the guys there help hitch up our car, but they were already gone by 3:50… what do they think it is, New Year’s Eve or something? Fortunately, when we had picked up the truck that morning, they had showed us how to attach the car dolly and car. Ryder got only slightly greasy while hooking it up, but he must have done a good job because we’re in Alabama and the car’s still attached.

After getting the car hitched up, we hit the road around 4:30pm (EST). Several thrilling surface roads later, we were on the packed Atlanta highways for the last time. Our itinerary is mostly “see how far we feel like driving in a day” with a healthy dose of “Ryder starts his new job on Monday” and “it sure would be nice to have a day or two to unload the truck before Ryder starts said job.” We think it will take us 4 or 5 days of driving, given that we have 2,575 miles to go and the “speed limit” on the car trailer is 55mph…

Today was a “bonus” day of driving — since our apartment is empty and our keys are turned in, we figured we might as well start driving and ring in the new year in a random hotel in Alabama or Mississippi, whichever comes first (I think it’s Alabama).

We’re taking suggestions for ways to entertain ourselves while we drive. The person with the best suggestion can come ride a leg of the trip with us – the gentle ride cab seats 3!! You won’t have any legroom, though, because you’ll have to share with our snacks.

Day 1 Stats:
Miles driven: 202
States visited: 2
Sight of the day: the empty apartment (sniff, sniff) or… fireworks over 1-20 at 6pm. (Happy New Year?)
Snack of the day: Krispy Kreme donuts, with a glass of Chardonnay (Happy New Year!)

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