Around Stanford campus

A couple of weeks ago we went for a wander around Stanford’s campus and admired some of their pretty architecture.

Walking through some of their archways.

IMG_3174 The main quad.

IMG_3175 The facade of the campus church.

IMG_3176The rest of the main quad (this is what you see standing in front of the church).

IMG_3177-001We also saw this little hummingbird perched on a tree!

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One Response to Around Stanford campus

  1. Gram Nanninga says:

    Hi Em and Ryder,
    Did you have a good time in Atalanta or was it all work. I hear you will have visitors in October. Good for you (and them.)
    You have a lot of lovely exploring to do in your area. Great pictures. I got the picture book from my birthday party today as we had dinner at Dave and Bets’s. Sorry you guys are so far away. It was fun.
    If you have not talked with mom lately, Mark has met a girl/woman and they are planning to marry. It is fast, but they are not teenagers either. They were introduced by a couple who were the leaders in a discipleship class Mark is taking. We are going down to be with the kids during Spring Break. We talked with Mark and Christy by Skype so that is how we met her. Seems like it should be a good thing, but whatever it is in God’s hands. We have to trust Him.
    Love to you both,

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