Wunderlich Park

Today was our first expedition into the vast array of parks that this area of California has to offer. Wunderlich Park is a county park about 15 minutes west of our house – a mostly wooded, hilly park between the Pacific Coast and the populated area along the Bay.



We spent a few hours there this afternoon, hiking along some of the trails and marveling at the trees.



We got a few views of the city of Palo Alto spread out below, with San Francisco Bay and more hills behind it.


At the end of the hike, we checked out the Folger Stable museum. They’ve restored the carriage house and stable which was built by James Folger (of Folger coffee fame) in the early 1900’s. It’s a really beautiful building, and is still in use with a couple dozen horses stabled here.

photo from Wikipedia

There are several other parks in the same range of hills/mountains, and similarly close to our house, so we will certainly be doing more exploring soon!

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