Another walk around our neighborhood

I don’t know if California really is prettier than Atlanta, or if I am just more apt to take walks since the weather is great pretty much every day. Or maybe it’s that I now work from home and have the luxury of taking walks around the neighborhood when I need a little break!

IMG_3309Oranges in the sun – seems so appropriately Californian

IMG_3311Flowers peeking through the fence

IMG_3323A sunset from our driveway

IMG_3349Funky old pickup that lives in our neighborhood

IMG_3352Pretty lilacs wisteria

IMG_3354Beautiful blooming tree (Anyone know what kind of tree this is?)

IMG_3358Evening sky on our walk home from an emergency tortilla-chip-acquisition-expedition

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3 Responses to Another walk around our neighborhood

  1. Paige says:

    Thanks for the lovely pictures — it is snowing here today! and, we think the tree is a cherry tree. You and Ryder should picnic under it, which is what the Japanese do during cherry blossom festivals in spring. Next photo suggestion: Ryder eating Easter basket Peeps!

  2. mom says:

    Lovely! Can’t wait to see them in person. I don’t know what the tree with the white flowers are, but the purple flowers are wisteria, not lilacs. Lilacs are a much taller bush and the flowers grow upright. Wisteria is more of a vine with the flowers drooping.

  3. Gram Nanninga says:

    Looks like you are really enjoying your new home surroundings. Spring in Michigan is giving us rain/hail/snow in sequences today. Friday we leave for Uncle Mark. We will be there until they get back from their honeymoon. It should be fun being with the kids again. Love, Gram

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