Hiking in Palo Alto

Recently, Ryder and I have done some hiking a bit closer to home: the Pearson-Arastradero Preserve and Foothills Park, both of which are run by the city of Palo Alto and are within a few miles of our home.

Arastradero is mostly rolling grassland hills, with some views across the Bay.

Looking across the Bay (in the far, far distance)

Looking across the Bay (in the far, far distance)


A lone tree amidst the grass

Foothills Park (at least the part we hiked) was more varied – steeper hills, a stream bed that looks like it will be quite active when it starts to rain again, and a nice assortment of flora. Plus, it’s start to look a bit like fall, with some leaves turning red!

Odd fluffy seed-puff things

Pretty berries

A better view of the Bay from Foothills Park (much higher elevation in this park)

Trees in Foothills Park

In all, we found Foothills Park to be a much more interesting place, and we’re looking forward to going back in the winter when the stream is running again.

There are a few more photos of these two hikes here. I also posted some photos from our Winck family reunion, which involved more hiking and some pretty cool thunderstorms.

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