2010 Christmas Crafts, part 1

We made almost all our Christmas gifts this year. That made posting any sort of photos of what I’ve been up to rather difficult for the past several weeks – and we’re not even done with our Christmassing yet. But here is part 1 of our handmade Christmas:

Elk Coasters

Elk Coasters: source photo by me in Colorado; wood-burned by my husband; cut, poly-acrylicked, and backed with cork. A gift for my momma-in-law.

Purple Shirt

Purple shirt: made of some shimmery-stretchy purple fabric. Loosely based off the 90 minute shirt. For my brother-in-law’s lovely girlfriend.

Growly Bookends

Growly Bookends: pipe fittings screwed into wood blocks; painted green with scroll-saw cut muscle arms. They strain to hold up books. For my brother-in-law.

BB Gun Rack

BB Gun Rack: cut on our scroll saw from 1″ thick wood; stained to a dark brown. Two separate pieces are screwed directly into the wall, for easy access to keep those deer out of the yard. For my father-in-law.

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