The writing wasn’t so bad

In retrospect, the writing of my 10.5 page term paper wasn’t so bad. It’s the editing that I can’t seem to bring myself to do. I’ve never liked re-reading my own writing. I’m one of those kids who never even looks over her test before turning it in, except to skim and make sure I didn’t miss any questions. Never re-read my essays. I just hate doing it. And with this long of a paper, I just can’t seem to bring myself to start. I’m daunted by it. And I’m the one who wrote it. I know that once I start, it won’t be so bad. But I think I’m scared that if I take the time to actually read it, I’ll realize how awful it is, and have to do a ton more work. But I can’t bring myself to hand it in without reading it over at least once, either. So now I’m off, to skim-edit my term paper that’s worth a good chunk of my grade. Actually, I just checked my syllabus to see how much it’s really worth, and the syllabus doesn’t even say. So I could be throwing away 50% of my grade, or 5% of my grade with my lousy editing. Bah. It’s worth the risk, right?

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