The Wincky-Niners gold rush: Day 5


This morning was a stark contrast to yesterday. It was a balmy 40 degrees and sunny when we woke up in California today. We said goodbye to Blythe, and gaped at the gas prices that were 70 cents a gallon more than they were across the border in Arizona. Yikes.

We are having fun, I promise.

Our morning drive was more “nothing”, punctuated by beautiful mountains.

mountains2 mountains1 ca-windmills

Two hours later, we were in the outskirts of Los Angeles and I got to put my years of experience driving on Atlanta’s highways to good use. I must say, the roads are better in Atlanta…


We climbed 4,144 feet into the mountains north of LA, then plunged back down to a surprisingly flat, smoggy valley. We admired miles and miles of citrus groves, vineyards, and other unidentified crops. We also saw a few flocks of sheep grazing in the fields by the interstate. I wanted to get a lamb as a souvenir but Ryder wouldn’t let me.


I made a tiny bit of progress on Project 1, which Vickie correctly identified as a hat, but it was hard to get excited about crocheting a hat when it is 60 degrees and sunny… I did crochet some more pieces for Project 2. Any guesses on what this will be? (none of the guesses thus far are correct… the color may also be a bit misleading)


We decided that we didn’t want to sleep on the floor in an empty apartment tonight, so we’re staying a bit south of Palo Alto and will drive in tomorrow morning, then start unloading with the help of some of Ryder’s new labmates.

In license plate news, we’ve pretty much given up hope on finding North & South Dakota:


Day 5 Stats:
Miles driven: 541
States visited: 1. California is also big.
Sight of the day: our hotel room! We are getting tired.
Snack of the day: sweet Clementines, carefully transported all the way from Atlanta, in an attempt to counteract the ick from eating fast food for four days straight.

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