some observations

“Spring” semester has begun.

1. why is it called spring semester? we’ve gotten a good 6 inches of snow in the past couple of days. we probably should shovel our driveway…
2. my religion prof gave us a binder with notes and articles to read. it smells like band-aids. i don’t like that.
3. one of my classes, my four credit internship class, will meet one more time this semester. i like that.

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5 Responses to some observations

  1. Dad says:

    When life gives you bandaids,

    Make _______ ????

  2. Mom says:

    You must get that bandaid thing from me.  I used to tell my sister that she smelled like an orange crayon.  All crayons (at least Crayola) do not smell alike.

  3. This is a comment for your previous post, but comments aren’t open on that one.  I *was* subscribed to your RSS feed and you busted it!  You should put some 301 permanent redirects in place for important URLs that have changed (e.g. your feed).  Also, since you can “make it do almost anything you want” I’d suggest you get some prettier URLs for the blog pages: blog/index/blog/ looks pretty silly smile And when you do that, put a 301 redirect for your feed so I don’t have to change it again!

    I can help you with all that sometime.

  4. P.S. The EE smiley images aren’t found.

  5. Emily says:

    fixed the smileys grin