I’m blue

At work a few months ago, I had to take a “discovery profile” personality/work style test. My boss gave me a packet today with my results. It assigns you a color… blue is my dominant color (reforming observer) but red is close behind, so I think that means I’m really purple. Well, this profile goes into detailed descriptions of me. Some of it is kind of humorous… and perhaps true. For example:

“Emily uses her thinking to run as much of the world as she can”

or this

“Emily is the conceptual problem solver, intensely intellectual and logical, exhibiting flashes of creative brilliance.”

Watch out for lightning folks… I have flashes of brilliance. =)

And now for the not-so-accurate, but still amusing bit:

“Emily prefers quiet (mostly true) and may develop ingenious ways to make herself invisible (hah!), particularly when she is called upon to take part in social or gregarious interaction (right…)”

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