Costume Designing Charlie Brown: the plan

This should be interesting. Our church is putting on You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown next month. I volunteered to help with sewing and general crafting, and now I have been declared the costume designer. Having never costume designed in my life, this ought to be an adventure. Fortunately there are only 6 cast members (one of whom is my husband), and only one costume per character. My research to this point mostly involves looking at Snoopy costumes (I think I’m going to skip the large Snoopy head).

Since I have less than 4 weeks til the show, I think Charlie Brown & friends are going to take up most of my crafting time. My current plan is to buy t-shirts for the guys and add the stripes, and make simple dresses for the girls, which theoretically will be a manageable amount of work. Theoretically.

Hopefully I will be back soon with some in-progress pictures!

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