Budgies & more budgies

A few months ago, Zoo Atlanta had a “special” Tech day at the zoo – admission was $1 less than the normal student rate. Woo hoo. We took advantage of the “deal” and braved the sweltering heat to see some animals. We ended at the Budgie house:
Budgies & more budgies
This pairing was probably the smallest gathering – in the small budgie area there were hundreds upon hundreds of budgies. You could buy little sticks of food to feed them with, but we quickly discovered that the end of the afternoon was not the best time to try to entice them. We had expected them to fly down to the food, but after hundreds of little food sticks, they seem to have realized flying was not necessary. The only way they’d eat the food was if you stuck the stick right in front of where they were already perched.

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