This Does Not Make Sense

We no longer have a TV at our house. (Well, we do, but it’s a little one in Jenny’s room that she’s taking home soon.) So I thought I would cancel our cable TV service, since we have no use for it, but keep our cable Internet service. So I call this morning to cancel the TV, and the helpful customer service representative tells me that actually, it would be cheaper to keep the TV. What? Well, if you have cable TV ($13.75 for basic service), you get a $15 discount on cable Internet, plus you get upgraded to faster service.

So we’re keeping the cable TV. Even though WE DON’T HAVE A TV.

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One Response to This Does Not Make Sense

  1. I’ve heard that they don’t actually have a way to turn off the basic channels and still give you internet, so they just set up the deal this way instead.