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What to do when “snowed in”

1. Watch cars attempt to drive up our slightly inclined street. Listen to wheels spin. 2. Have friends over who can walk or arrive via public transportation. Eat pizza (the only dinner food we had left). Play games. Cheer for … Continue reading

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Our Christmas Houseplant

We decided not to get a Christmas tree, and instead Ryder suggested we dress up our shamrock. So this is our houseplant-turned-Christmas-tree. We think it looks rather like a green-haired hippie at the barbershop.

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Our jack-o’-lantern for this year: a light bulb.

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Happy Halloween!

Yes, this pumpkin is glowing. No, I didn’t do anything funny to the picture, this is actually how it looks, sitting in our window. Happy Halloween!

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This is what happens when…

This is what happens when you let frosted, sprinkled cupcakes sit in your car in Nashville heat for 3 hours: See how nicely the frosting melted and dripped off the cupcakes, leaving the sprinkles behind? Also good to know: re-frosting … Continue reading

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